Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

#sanctifiedsummer (GAW)

I've been wanting to do a giveaway since I started the company. The problem was I couldn't really think of a good contest... until today. The name of the contest will be Sanctified Summer (or #sanctifiedsummer), the prizes will be one of each edition of the bracelets that have been made custom fit for the winner. How to enter, you will need one of four social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook), though if you use a combination of them you will increase your chances of winning. Using one or all four, the objective is to have the most extreme, active summer you possibly can. This means skydiving, base jumping, mountain biking, flying around the world, racing cars, you get the point, while doing these activities make sure to record them either videos or pictures. Then go to any of the four mentioned social media sites, upload your event and use the #sanctifiedsummer (on YouTube just post the link to the video in the comment section below). Remember you can share as many events as you want (so long as they are exciting) and they will count as an entry and shares across social media will also be entries and or tiebreakers. The event starts when you can see this and will run until September 1st.

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