Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Why I Chose Para-Cord

When choosing a material to make bracelets out of, there were many, especially of different types of rubber bracelets. Though those are cheaper and easier to mass produce I was consistently unimpressed with two core themes, design and durability. While you could get different looking rubber bracelets, their design were never really unique, and options for different weaves of para-cord are nearly limitless. The durability though, was the primary point for me, well made para-cord bracelets last many years (some of mine are already two years old and going strong!) really only needing to be washed periodically to keep them looking new. So, though para-cord can be a little tricky to size correctly and break in, the beautiful and unique design make them really stand out. As well as having the well made durability to go through years of life with out breaking of falling apart.

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