Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Bloggers Who Add Value To My Company, and Yours!

Today I am talking about the several bloggers, tweeters, youtubers, etc. Who add value to my company and who I believe can add value to yours!

Gary Vee's Blog. While also managing a YouTube channel, Snapchat, and company, some how this blog is ran by Gary Vaynerchuk Co-Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia. In this blog you will find many different topics, from how to select wines, to Gary's personal beliefs on how you should treat customers.

Blog Maverick. As the name may give-away, Mark Cuban runs this blog, where he prides himself in talking about many hot topics that others simply don't. Such as the Apple Vs. FBI to the tech created economic bubble.

Jon W's Medium. I do realize this is a Medium and not an official blog, but its close enough. As mentioned this Medium is rand by Jon Westenberg's. In it he brings many unique views of entrepreneurship to the table, such as Trying To Fail Once Everyday.

Seth Godin's Blog. I am sure many are familiar with Seth's blog but I still recommend it if you want short, daily blog posts about everything from bowling as a kid to advice on running your company.

So concludes my short list of people I recommend and think could add value to your business and life.



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