Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Why I Made The Test Lab

As I hope most of you know, last week I launched a collection called the Test Lab. Today I will be talking about why I did made the "Lab" instead of other things. So the first and most basic reason was, that I had made many bracelets in the past that I never ended up wearing, but were still really good looking and well made. Secondly, I wanted to diversify SWC so that I wasn't just trying to push one product that people would eventually get tired of seeing and completely tune out. Next, I wanted to create, essentially, a trial bracelet so people could see how durable, well-made, and stylish the SWC bracelets are, without having to buy the normal priced classics. As well as making a more affordable line so that you could still get a unique, very awesome looking, and tough bracelet for a low price. Then, once I had made the Test Lab I also wanted to do one other thing, that is to create an "emporium" of unique weaves. This is a great objective, because I want to supply my customers with the largest selection so they could find something no one else is wearing like the Tomahawk Sinnet or choose a classic design like the normal Cobra Weave. Creating this "emporium" also helps benefit my customers, because making all these different (and often tricky) weaves helps me to be even better at making bracelets and keeps my skills sharp. Hopefully this has helped you guys understand the reasons why I wanted to launch the Test Lab and for all you business owners, I have given you a good idea to try to implement in your own arena.

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