Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Dealing With Unsuccess

This topic is a lot like the hell of the bible, its definitely a part, but few like to talk about it. I certainly agree this should not be something we lement on, but for many new entrepreneurs this is the reason they stop pursuing their dream, which deeply saddens me. Being that I have had my company SWC now for nearly three months and have only managed to sell one bracelet I am quite qualified to speak on unsuccess.

So the primary driver, and if you follow my vlogs you will know this, is passion, passion is what will satisfy your desire and keep you pushing against the hailstorm that is success. I strongly believe that before you start your company you need to know that you love what you are doing and that your company, even if not fully operating, meets your personal ambitions.

With the first way to conquer defeat out of the way, the second is to have a mission statement and abide by it. Early on you should establish what goals you want your company to accomplish, how your company will make the world a better place, through your product or service. This will be important, because your mission statement will be your ships (company’s) map, as to where you are going and who you want to reach out to. To sum it up, even when it seems dreary, your map will give you direction, and help you build actable plans.

The third way, is to be a learning machine. I find this especially true to college grads. Not to be mean, but they think because of all their higher learning that life should just open its doors to them, or that they will have a faster and easier time because they “know” more. Unfortunately there are no “get rich quick” schemes and those who succeed use their brains as non-stop learning machines whether its from personal experience, books, or people we know, be open to others advice and failures so you wont get drug down.

The fourth way is kind of simple, but hard at the same time. Remember that the best payoff is to be a missionary, not a mercenary, and that true success come to those who are patient (dang proverbs are always right!!!). What I am getting at is, your company like others will take time to mature, I think the best analogy for a company is a baby. When a baby is born its not capable of much (other than taking resources!), but over time it gets smarter and learns to take care of itself and then, maybe, it will decide to take care of its parent(s). On this subject too, try not to compare your start up to established businesses, this seems like a no-brainer, but if we are honest we’ll all find ourselves doing it.

Thank you for your time I really hope this has inspired atleast one person, and if you feel like you want to boost that one bracelet sale to two here’s the link and I would be highly appreciative.


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