Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

On Starting A Company

What I wish I knew before starting my company, plus the ideas I am glad I knew before I started.

I just love how this picture fits in to business.

For the first thing I wish I would have not just known, but knew how to act on, would be expressing what value my product add to my consumers lives. With this I could have sooner learned how to adjust the company to its tribe and not just so quacky mission.

The second part would have to be social media arbitrage, or getting to know what all social media apps are out there, picking the few I felt I could best use then try to learn the culture of those specific applications. I feel that last part is key, you should never try to use the same approach that you would use on Twitter, for Instagram or Facebook, and so on.

Another beautiful landscape over rural Fairbanks.

Now to the things I am glad I knew before I started. First off I am so glad I took time to understand how taxes work, not only has this saved/saves me money, the tax system is so complex (here in the US anyway) that I learned strategies on how to gain an understanding. Plus it is so tough that I gained an endurance that means pretty much every little hick-up my company faces I can overcome them with ease.

Secondly, and this goes back to my other article, having a true passion for what you are doing (even if others think its small or dumb) carries you through the bad times that naturally face many startups. I think this is very important, because, especially with new entrepreneurs, we can get so focused on money that we end up drifting away from our passion.

The last part is a mission statement, I strongly believe in not only having one but referring to it often, to me its like a GPS if done right it will give you direction on where you need to go and what you need to accomplish, while at the same time informing people to what you are trying to do, and who knows they may even be able to help.

Hopefully I have been able to share with you guys the most important ideas to learn and actions to take when starting your very first (or second) business!

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