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Being An Entrepreneur, What I Have Learned

To start off, if you read one of my earlier posts you’d know, that up until around last year at this time I barely knew anything about entrepreneurship, let alone wanting to be one or own a company. So as you can imagine some events had to transpire, to lead up to this current point. This very first came about because of frustration with God. Over a year ago I was drifting, with no real direction, I was good at many things but didn’t know where I should be. So I turned to the Lord, but nothing, no leads as to where I should put my energy… or so I thought, shortly after reaching that frustrated point I got an audiobook You Have A Brain By Ben Carson. Being pressed by my sister to listen to it, I finally broke down and listened to it (keep in mind up until this point I never read or really listened to audiobooks for the fun of it, only when school required it). While there were so many great points it deserves its own article, the key point for me was a little mentioned point Carson’s mom had first picked up on. This was that she noticed, while being a nanny for very wealthy people, that instead of TV’s or video-games the rich people had libraries, and not just for show, she would see both the parents and children actively studying books and gaining knowledge. My brain made note of this but this point had yet to be hammered home.

This will sound funny, because Tai Lopez is not regarded with the highest esteem and I don’t pay as much attention to him anymore, but I have to give him credit. He was the one who hammered this aforementioned nail in. I was having one of those days again where I was still feeling frustrated with God, why do I still feel like I am wasting away? Why do I have no plan to act on? Or an objective to seize? These were my thoughts this day, and during the afternoon I clicked on some YouTube video and voila one of the all familiar Tai Lopez ads popped up, but being my attitude was sour I was intrigued and instead of skipping I continued to listen. I was particularly piqued at the fact that he put heavy emphasis on reading, so much so that he had bookcases packed full of books in his garage. As I learned more from his chats I was convinced that maybe, just maybe these books are helpful. So I started with the (once again will sound funny) Call Of The Wild By Jack London, while normally a kids book I wanted something easy that I knew I (a practical beginner in reading) could knock-out in a week. As I read I became enveloped in the story and began to realize that many adventures lay behind these pages, so I picked another book, Treasure Island By Robert Stevenson and once again became captivated by the epic action and adventure within the book. After a while I knew that reading was here to stay, unfortunately I was running out of my small book collection and I, being new to reading, had no real idea what books I should buy. So I turned to my trusty friend Tai, and scoured through his large collection of recommended reads, here is where the entrepreneurial desires would come to bear.

While I had no immediate money, I looked through his books and saw one I did have (while making my Amazon list of books I would buy). This book was none other than 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens, I’ll be honest I never gave the book much attention, but I figured that if Tai was recommending it, I should atleast read a little bit of it. Well I read more than just a little I read the entire thing, and boy am I glad I did, it helped me reshape broken and faulty paradigms about the world and most importantly the obtainability of success, and about how honestly applying yourself and being what you want to see in the world first by fixing you can make large impacts, the book is so good it also deserves its own article, but to say the least it was God finally showing me that my direction needed to be in something I had never considered, entrepreneurship.

So managing to do some yard work, and saving up pennies, I managed to get enough money for some business related books, the first and most (outwardly) intriguing being The Self-Made Billionaire Effect, a case study on what made self-made billionaires so different from the rest of the world, this book once again reaffirmed my entrepreneurial ideas because I could heavily relate with how these people thought and acted. After reading quite a few of these books I was decided, I wanted to try to start my own business. Finally I felt at harmony with God, I could more clearly see direction, and it felt natural and easy learning about economics, business structure, taxes, and so on. The next piece was learning what I wanted to build.

This was yet another chat I had with the Lord and I felt impressed to make a parka business, because the way I made them had never been done before (still not sharing those secrets!), but while I was able to make the Proof Of Concept I didn’t really have enough money for further testing/proving the market wanted this product, so after several months of that operation, I landed on a company that I could fund, was good at, and enjoyed doing. Weaving paracord bracelets, I will be writing a more indepth article about this so no further on making those or why I chose those.

Now that, that was decided, I began to meet with business advisors, and reach out to many mentors who pointed and directed me to great resources and I began to learn so much about what all I needed for licensing, taxes, and more. After learning enough to feel confident in what I needed to do, I laid out the plan and executed on it. Since the beginning of my company, I have also learned a lot of what its like to be an entrepreneur and this is where I have come to love the “hustle” the most, so much to do, so little time, and even less pay. Though the greatest payment has been in the friendships I have built and the lessons owning a company has taught me. This pretty much brings you up to date on my story to becoming an entrepreneur I thank you for reading this personal, exciting and long life journey. Oh, and here’s my newsletter


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