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Business Update, We're Moving To Knot And Loop!

So as any good product improver, I have been testing my bracelets, especially in one area the closure for the bracelets. The two primary closures being knot and loop and buckles particularly plastic. For a while I have been making bracelets with buckles, the reasons being that they were easier to use, and wouldn’t fall off like K&L. Or so I thought, like I said I had been testing this point for the past few months and now that I have more experience making knot and loops, I have actually found them to be better. Here’s why, the first point is sizability, with the K&L closure can actually be adjusted before, during, and after the bracelet has been made, unlike the buckles that can only be adjusted before the bracelet. The second point is fitment being hinged off the sizability, you can make sure the fitment is absolutely custom to you. Infact as a part of this testing I wore two K&L and buckle bracelets, non-stop, for a week and to my surprise the K&L bracelets never fell off or unhooked. The final point to K&L is durability, as you might imagine the simpler something is, the less likely it is to fail, this is very true with the K&L it just a literal knot with a loop on the other side and being made of paracord, it can’t crack, shatter, or get dented in.

While you can still argue that the buckles are easier to use, there are an overwhelming amount of positives to the K&L closure that I am going to be switching to them for the lionshare of the products on our website. I do want to note I am not totally getting rid of buckles, they just won't be as prevalent. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you know when changes are taking place.

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