Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Entrepreneurship, Moose Hunting

When I honestly think about being an entrepreneur moose hunting can’t help, but pop into my mind. Being that I was born and raised in Alaska, hunting has been a part of my life, and one type of game hunting relates to the mindset of the true entrepreneur… hunting moose.

If you have never hunted moose, you may be wondering what the differences are between it and something like deer hunt. The primary difference, and the one that I want to hit on is, that economically it makes very little sense to do it. What I am getting at is, most times serious moose hunters will go out for not just one week but several, hike all over hills, mountains, ridges, and through swamps, fields, valleys, just to find a moose. Then they will likely spend another day stalking and waiting for the perfect shot. All this, all this for one singular moose, while I’ll agree they are pretty big, its still crazy… right? Wrong. The reason moose hunters and entrepreneurs hike through swamps and over ridges, isn’t just for the moose or prize. Its because entrepreneurs are a unique mindset of people who are truly in love with the pursuit. Its what makes them wake up everyday and go fail, to these people just pursuing is winning, its a concept I have come to absolutely love and try to fully understand.

While its true we moose hunters could stay home and buy meat from our local grocery stores, its not about the meat (though it is good) its about every moment leading up to it. The same is evident with entrepreneurs, we could go get a job working for a company, and yes we would make money just fine, but its about the pursuit. The accomplishment/struggle fills our souls, and even though my company isn’t very successful yet, I am grateful and love that I can say I am the owner of Sanctified Weaving Company.

I feel this story isn’t complete so while I am publishing it today I will make changes to it in the future…

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