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How I Went From Video Game Addict To Owning A Company

So, you all know the story of how the company came to be, but what you don’t know is how I went from spending 16–20hrs a day playing video games to spending 14–16hrs running a company! It all started when I was nine (or 2007) when I got an Xbox 360 and the brand new Halo 3, before this I had played both Halo 1 and 2, but never seriously. That changed now that I had my own “360”. Shortly after getting it I got Xbox Live Gold, now this was before the big 2009 Live update so no parties, but I made a lot of friends and being that I was homeschooled I spent ANY free time on the 360. So that is how the addiction started, I had lots of friends and of course whenever they got new games I got new games and spent more and more time on the machine. Now I don’t want to get too detailed, because there was a lot of profanity, foolish behavior, and overall its kinda boring!

So I consider 2011 my official retiring year though, I still played on live for a little in 2012. What brought me to leaving that addictive machine was really an “aligning of stars” around the same time I subscribed to people like Nutnfancy on YouTube, I started playing games like Minecraft, and my 360 kinda broke. The first star was that for some reason, multiple pieces on the disk drive broke, so the Xbox would still work I just couldn’t play with disks, which of course, put me behind in all the “cool” games so I was partially outcasted. The second star (contingent off the first) was that I started to play Minecraft, which was not a disk game. What makes this important was that it sparked my intrigue in going in to the forests, and building shelters. Then the third star was that I started watching (primarily) two channel, Nutnfancy and Wildernessoutfitters, both of these channels showed to me the feasibility of going into the woods and living like I did in Minecraft.

By the time these stars had all aligned it was unfortunately October (2011), so it was a little to late for a newbie bushcrafter, but I used this time to research great gear and when it was May 2012, I had a backpack (CamelBak Blowfish), a knife (SOG SealPup Elite), a rifle (Henry Goldenboy .22), and a multi-tool (Leatherman Sidekick) and was out with my friend exploring a nearby piece of woods my friend and I had found via Google Earth. This was the beginning of a new chapter. Real life Minecraft, as I called it, and for the three years (including winters) I would really earn my right to be called an Alaskan! Once again I don’t want to get too detailed, but that because there are so many awesome adventures they deserve their own articles, especially duck hunting, and my first year with a snowmobile(s). To say the least it was very fun, but I felt like I wasn’t really drawing close to God and I needed to have him take control of my life.


So in June 2015 I had finally let God take the controls, and soon after I started doing things I had thought ridiculous to do in the past, the biggest of these was reading, if you would have knew me before this time you would have known I never read books, in fact I barely read at all (not to say I couldn’t I just didn’t like to). So I started with something way easy, the Call Of The Wild, and it opened my eyes to how deep and powerful a story can be packed into these things (books), so I picked up another The Count Of Monte Cristo Abridged (now my most favorite book and I have read the unabridged version). At the same time I listened to some audio books by Ben Carson, and THINK BIG made a large impact, especially when he lamented on successful people being very well versed in books, this sparked my interests in books like the Snowball (Warren Buffet’s biography) and The Everything Store (Amazon/Jeff Bezos biography)as I read more and more, I soon realized I not only wanted, but was good at being an entrepreneur. So I started to learn how to start companies, both legally and functionally, and came up with some cool ideas for businesses.

A secret for all those who have got this far, SWC was not my first planned company, actually SSC was. Unfortunately I couldn’t take that company off because I wasn’t a skilled enough sewer (though I still have the parka), but I plan some day to launch it!After a few months of not being able to find a co-owner, I realized I had all the skills to run SWC, shortly after, I got all the licensing and SWC was launched in March 2016.

This brings you through most of my life, once again I did skip some details, but nothing huge. Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have learned something about me, but more over I hope this encouraged you that where ever you are in life you can pursue your dreams! I constantly here people (especially my age) who say they are nobody’s and that I am awesome because I am a somebody, like I have some secret success sauce, that brought me to this point, its just not true!

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