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How I Work With Many Social Media

You may or may not realize just how many social media’s I/SWC have/has, but rest assured it’s well over ten not to mention an e-commerce website, independant blog and weekly newsletter. Now I say this not to pump myself up, or sound like an over-achiever, but to share my strategies, and what I have learned working with all of these.

So the first question you will need to answer is how many social apps you want, this is extremely important to understand and ask yourself when you are the only one running all of them, plus other business duties. Just don’t out work yourself, quality content is how you build followings. You also want to make sure the apps you get are ones that appeal to what you like to do, if you like taking pictures and sharing them with people, Instagram would be a good place, though if you like singing, or want to show a less serious side to your business, Musical.ly and Snapchat are good places for that. If you still want to more solid answers I would try to find around 10–12 different platforms so that you can appeal to many people, while at the same time showing that you have a serious and fun side.

Once you have your ideal social platforms, the first and most important strategy, when you first get a social media, is to get a proper understanding of the culture relating to that particular app. Here’s an example, the app Musical.ly is all about lip-syncing to your favorite songs, but it goes deeper than this, to effectively us it, you have to also be creative, entretaining, and just have fun with it. As well as having a willingness to collaborate with other “Musers” as other users are called. This goes back to the primary demographic being younger (under 25yos). This, while needing to be tweaked for each social media app and the primary demographic, is the most important piece allowing your post’s to be effective and reach as many people as possible. Now how you should go about learning the different cultures, is to watch other popular users for tips and tricks, don’t be afraid to be a social person (i.e follow people who would benefit from knowing you and are interested in similar things), post frequently, and run different “test” posts to see how your growing followship responds best to different types of posts. I also want to note, that I discourage the use of advertisements until you know how to reach those audiences.

Now here is timing during the day, but I am also talking about during the week and month, generally I won't use all social media’s in one week, but rather target a few for each week (i.e I may do a week of pushing Twitter,Instagram, and Linkedin for one week, then the next push YouTube,Facebook, etc) There are a couple exceptions in my person strategy though, these are Snapchat and Musical.ly, I try to use both everyday, to every week, just because are easy and allow my creative juices to get flowing. Once again this will have to be a personal call, if you are the P.R person for your firm and have more free time you could easily integrate all 10–12 into one week.

Another big piece, is community connection/support. As I mentioned with connecting to different people and not being afraid to follow/friend people. Being social is vital, and one of the best ways is to support others, whether it’s retweeting, tweeting @ the person, doing videos calling people to go over and check them out, re-posting their pictures, or sharing their posts, all of this helps. Even if you don’t have a large following, it shows that you genuinely care about that person, which can have large benefits in the future.

Lastly, you can use cross promotion, if you have a large following on YouTube, Musical.ly, etc. you can call people to go check out your other social apps, thus easily getting more interest on other platforms, and it may even let your viewer see a different side to you, allowing them to have more trust in you or your company.

Thanks you guys for reading and now you can see how I not only manage, but grow multiple social media apps at the same time. Here’s My Newsletter!



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