Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Is Originality Important?

A little while back I took (as many high-school students do) the SAT’s and while I am sure most of the kids in that room have long forgot this question, to this day it still occasionally bounces around in my head. Is Originality important? When you think about the question for one to two seconds you’ll probably say yes, but think about it for too long, or actually write a few paragraphs and you might actually question yourself.

Though I may have thrown you off with my strikingly opposite view, really questioning originality, I do think originality is pivotal in all we do. The reason being that one, it allows us to convey points others may have not seen, it also allows us to add value to those around us. As well as showing that, the person knows and cares about the topic in which they are adding originality to, even if it may not be the most well written. Lastly, the part I like most about originality is the fact that you just be yourself, wording things the way you want and overall, adding your personal flare.

In a world that is fastly deleting originality we need to think about how to be original, so that we can continue to add value to those we interact with. The big question is how do we have original viewpoints? The best ways are, to actually have a knowledge on what you are talking you’re talking about. The reason there is so much unoriginality is that so many people know little bits of everything nowadays, but if you understand your topic, you will have personal ideas, and opinions thus helping add originality. Another way is partially hinged off the other, but is to care about your topic when you do this you will not only be thirsting after more knowledge, but be able to convey your messages in a new and unique way. Then, like I mentioned being yourself, it will be hard for others to copy you, so this is a good strategy!

In conclusion, originality in life and business, is extremely important because it allows you to add value to people’s lives and at the same time getting to see who you are, which will mean people can start to trust what you say and be you’ll be able to make a larger impact. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my Newsletter!




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