Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Learning From My Mistakes

While I am not going to claim to have only made one, or two mistakes with my company, I do want to go over a large mistake I made with my company that not only costed money, but most importantly, time. Collaborating with influencers.

Now I don’t want to totally write off influencers, because I will give you a great strategy for finding wholesome ones. Now when I first started my company, I was just sure influencers were the best thing since sliced bread! I mean you just send them your product and they put it in front of their audiences and boom, lots of followers/customers! Unfortunately I should have heeded my own warnings, there are NO get rich quick scheme’s, the world just doesn’t work like that. So I sent bracelets to a handful of people, and nothing, no videos, no pictures, no product placement. I also want to note a sad piece, many of the people I sent bracelets to promised to help, promised to do videos and pictures.

So that is my primary history with influencers, funny enough one even got their bracelets then promptly blocked me. Anyway I don’t want to dwell on the negative… too much. So the best strategies when working with potential influencers is, one go on their social media’s for two primary reasons, to check out their posts and make sure they are similar to the kind of image you want to set with your company. Also you’ll want to make sure these people have a track record of doing product placement/review, because as I found out, if they don’t they aren’t like to start with your product (i.e they will just take the your product and run).

Then what I like to do is have my influencers pay a reduced price on the product, this to me is key, the reason why is that at this point they are now invested in your product, which means they genuinely believe in your product. Plus if they actually buy it and never do a review, atleast you got some money!

Thanks for reading! I hope you wont be as clumsy as I was and truly believe that there are no “get rich quick schemes”. Success comes from work and its not as easy to get influencers to buy the product, but the results are far better.



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