Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

On Customer Service

I was prompted to write this, because this weekend I had a customer who I had some issues with. I am however, glad to report, we were able to work out the problem and everything went well. Regardless to how hard you try, problems will naturally surface in your company, and it not as important to eliminate problems as it is how you help (customers especially) through these problems.

ESEE Also Has Great Customer Service

The way I like thinking about customer service is untypical, but just like Google Adwords, or Shopifiy, they let you preview your Ads/Pages before posting them. In the same way I try to see what I would want a review of my customer service to be. With ideas like, fast responding, very kind and friendly, then I take that “preview” and act upon it. So when people have issues I will give them either my e-mail or phone number so they can easily, and quickly contact me, as well when I know someone is having a problem, I will try to hang around my phone or computer so that I can respond fast. Then I begin to go down the list of attributes and make notes like the previous ones, for the other pieces.

Another way I think about it, especially when I just began, was remembering different times I had to work with company’s customer service, there were companies who I ended up coming back to because of how well I was treated and ones I stay clear away from because of their lack of treatment. Then I focus on the good experiences and try to embody them in my own company, and customer service.

Lastly, remember, we should always strive to add value to our customers, even if this means taking a personal loss. Never could this be more applicable than in serving our customers. I often think about the times when companies like GoPro, and Benchmade sent me replacement pieces for free when they could have easily charged me for them, but no they added value to me and thus subtracted it from themselves… power.

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