Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

The Importance Of Product Photography

As they say “A picture says a thousand words”

While we certainly believe this aforementioned statement to be true, for things like journalism or artistic photography, I think we business people have little respect for how well, clean, crisp, artistic, product/service photography can aide our businesses. If you still aren’t fully convinced, just think about how powerful pictures of people excited by using your product are, its one the most common recommendations you’ll get for improving your website.

So now that you believe me, I want to give you some tips on how to achieve good product/service photos. So the most important piece is lighting whether artificial or natural, you need to have a good amount, you’ll also need a camera that can handle lighting well, automatically, or be adjustable enough to make sure you can get just enough, but not too much.

The Second piece is to find the emotion, or what you are trying to convey through your picture, for this you need to know what you are trying represent and who the target audience is. In the case of these two pictures is outdoors gear users, they want to know this gear is tough, durable, and they want to see it in it’s natural home, outside and in the woods. This can be applied to services as well, for example if you are a community service company, you want to take pictures in the community with your employees (or yourself) being friendly with the locals and assisting them, in the applicable environment.

The third piece is clarity, while not necessary, it should be of importance for you to get pictures that are very clear, for two reasons. One it’s another place you can convey an overall feeling of high quality and it also allows people to get a better idea of the emotion you are trying to present through your work.

Lastly, as I first alluded to, pictures carry testimonials people will see the personal environment your company creates, which will make your customers trust you more thus leading to more deals and better relationships!

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