Weekly Bible Verse, Psalms 1:1-2

Why I love Photography

Like many things, photography was not something I came to love early in my life. Though two things lead me to getting a DSLR and becoming a photographer, YouTube and Amazon.

The first part, YouTube, was the primary reason I got the DSLR, I think I mentioned this but, I had/have a YouTube channel and ever since I started the channel I was constantly wanted to upgrade my videography setup. Since I was already at 1080p (on my phone) I needed a better 1080p, so I did research and found that DSLR’s not only provide sharp and clean image quality, but are also pretty rugged (for a camera). So saving my money, and doing even more research, I landed on a Nikon D5200. This was a great camera for videos and much of my channel’s videos were made with it, not to mention it’s been extremely durable. All of this is great and this is how I ended up with the DSLR, but it didn’t teach me to love photography.

That would be Amazon, now by this time you’re probably wondering how could Amazon the giant online superstore teach me to love photography? Was it a book? Was it a great deal on the DSLR? Actually it was neither, and you probably won’t expect this answer. So in all honesty it wasn’t completely Amazon, but rather a written review on a Ontario Knife Company RAT4 (a knife for those who don’t know) and while I can’t remember what the guy said, the picture is still in my mind. It was the RAT placed on a large, worn, rock, that overlooked an expansive lake, what I loved about this picture was that it conveyed the message of this knife so well, I didn’t need to read the review to understand this knife was rugged and meant to get worn (just like the rock) or that it could cover an expansive amount of tasks (like the lake) for me everything just clicked. This really fascinated me and I began to ask myself how I could replicate such a shot and how I wanted to try to tell a story about a piece of gear, be that knives, axes or something else, I wanted to embark on a journey to tell stories through pictures.

So that is exactly what I did, though at this time I only had that 1080p phone, but I wasn’t deterred and infact (not trying to say I’m the best) I got some pretty nice shots with the phone. Though after about a year I realized my phone had many shortcomings in what it could do, so I began to look for something better, more professional, a DSLR.

Now armed with the D5200 I took many picture I am about a 2,000 in two years! Not to mention, I have upped my game taking even better less HDR’ed shots, that I like to think have been able to convey messages about the durability and characters of not just the tools but the users.

Hopefully you have learned and enjoyed my journey from YouTube and Amazon inspiring me to becoming an adventure photographer that loves to tell stories through images! My Newsletter

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