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SWC "Bushcrafter" Ultimate Paracord Bracelet

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Want to start fires with your wrist? You have just discovered the right product! 

How it came to pass. After searching, and thinking, long and hard about the most efficient way to carry a ferrocerium rod, while out bushcrafting, I realized that it needed to be carried on the wrist. While I first looked that the small ferro rod buckle I didn't go for it, because you had to remove the bracelet from your wrist. Plus it's diminutive size made it hard to strike and it didn't take many strikes before it would break.

So, that's when it hit me, why not put a long, thick, ferrocerium rod, inline with the weave? So that's what I did. This way, it would be easy to strike with a wide variety of strikers, it would last a few thousand strikes, and best of all, you don't even have to take the bracelet off!!