SWC Bane's Cuff Paracord Bracelet

SWC Bane's Cuff Paracord Bracelet

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Here is our ultra rare weave called Bane's Cuff, modeled off of Bane's cuff from the Batman movies. This one will find a great home with outdoorsman because of the amount of cord at storage! 

The OSFM, 

This bracelet also features SWC's proudest invention, the One Size Fits Most (OSFM) Knot and Loop. This feature allows a wide variety of wrist sizes to fit this bracelet and uses the far superior Knot and Loop.

Why Knot and Loop?

One common question I get is why we use Knot and Loop. Here's why.

I have done extensive testing on both buckles and knot and loop. Through my experience I found knot and loop to be better at, sizing, durability, price, and comfort. All the while, being just as secure as a buckle. The only thing going for buckles is, they are easier to take on and off. For all the positive reasons and the fact that the one negative isn't really that bad, I have chosen to almost strictly go over to the OSFM K&L.