Sanctified's Story

The Sanctified Story, when I started SWC I had three primary objectives. First, to create a company that promotes a sanctified life, and Secondly to be the most innovative paracord business out there, all the while, making affordable high quality products. I also wanted to create a community of where SWC customers can connect and share their experiences.


To the first point, I so believe the Lord has led me to create this business, that I wanted to serve him with this business. This is why I wanted to spread the sanctified mission statement, and to make sure no one could doubt this company is led by the Lord, I made the first word in my business's name, Sanctified (which means to be set aside as special or most holy).


Now onto the second part. When I initially got into the paracord world I was highly unimpressed, there were no designs to make bracelets that could a multitude of wrists, and few designs to pick from. So I set to work first making many designs, then making the OSFM (One Size Fits Most) so I could send people standardized bracelets that would fit them perfectly! Though my innovation didn’t stop there, after a few months of thought, I made a very unique and useful piece of gear, the SAT (Sanctified Adventure Tool). After this, and even more thought I came up with an incredibly diverse piece of gear, atleast for SWC, the SSC or Sanctified Survival Case, this Kydex phone case allows the user to conveniently carry a few survival essentials with their phone. 


Thirdly, I wanted to create a sanctified community, one where customers could share photos of where they are going, and what they are doing. Giving them a chance to connect and celebrate this awesome and righteous lifestyle!


So now you can see, the three primary philosophies that make SWC what it is, from sanctification, innovation, to communication. I hope this has been informative and helpful, I also want to extend the offer for you to join the sanctified family, either by joining the newsletter or, picking up a product yourself!

Here are some of my favorite verses. 

Psalms 18: 32-34

Psalms 20

Isaiah 53 

James 1: 2

Revelations 2:10